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Auckland CityA Brief History

New Zealand was one of the last major landmasses settled by humans.

Polynesians arrived between 1250 - 1300. The Dutch explorer Abel Tasman briefly explored in 1642. In 1769 British explorer James Cook mapped almost the entire coastline.


NZ SheepLong known as a wool exporting country, New Zealand has diversified considerably. Wine, tourism, timber, dairy and fisheries with others are now a large contributor to the economy.


Sunset Tasman July 2014Blessed with unique species of flora and fauna. From modern cities and quaint rural townships to rolling farmland and vast natural subtropical forests. New Zealand has many national parks, Fiords, Glaciers, Golden Beaches and ski fields. Unique NZ native bush and animals.


Wild SouthAwe, adventure, excitement or relaxation is around every corner.

With 15,134 of coastline NZ offers many scenic drives and world class train journeys. New Zealand is a country with excellent people, sights, attractions and

transport systems.

Māori: Aotearoa

(Land of the Long White Cloud)

New Zealand is the first place in the world to welcome in the new day.

Time difference: GMT+12

Independence: 26 September 1907

Population: 4,700,000 June 2016

Maori culture

Ranked #4 lest corrupt Country.

8th Happiest Country.

Top Global Planet destination.

Railways: 4,128 km

Top 10 Global Rail Journeys.

Roadways: Total: 93,576 km

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National Parks

New Zealand has 13 national parks.

West Coast

Covering more than 30,000 km²

The parks offer easy access to trails, campsites and the most awe inspiring natural beauty.

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